Monthly Subscriptions


Step 1: Shop & Select your favorite subscription option
Step 2: Check out & choose your weekly pick-up day
(Wednesday or Saturday)
Step 3: Get your subscription goodies via porch pick-up
Step 4: Enjoy!


The nitty-gritty details

Pick-up details

We know that everyone's week looks a little different, and taking this into consideration we've decided to provide 2 different pick up day options!

Pick-up times available:
Wednesdays @ 11 - 1pm
Saturdays @ 8 - 10 am

Porch Pick-up orders will be placed on our Order Cart & will be labelled with Customer Name + Order Number. Porch Pick-up orders will be available on our porch during those pick-up times. If you're unable to pick up in time - we'll freeze your goodies and arrange an alternative pickup time + date.

Find your right fit!


Meet the "Not so Plain Jane" Subscription - For the "definitely not plain, I just know that sometimes the good things in life, are better left plain & simple" type of person. Enjoy our Plain Jane - Standard Sourdough Loaf every week throughout your month!

Meet the "Adventurous Wild One" - For the "person who lives on the edge, loves the wind in their hair & likes to try new things". Enjoy our Weekly Featured Flavor - A different Sourdough Loaf every week throughout your month!

Meet the "Basically a Connoisseur" - For the "I really love bread and know that no meal is complete without a fresh loaf on my table". Enjoy 3 Weekly loaf - One Weekly Featured Flavor Loaf, One Plain Jane - Standard Sourdough & One Sourdough Sandwich Loaf!