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UP-ROOT | verb | To move or remove someone or something from their home.

Hi! I'm Gen, it's so nice to meet you! The words "Uprooted Journey" holds so much meaning to me, it has truly become such a big part of who I am.

I've had the great privilege to have lived in multiple countries, and to have experienced so many different cultures too, and this has truly formed my foundation as a person. Each and every time, I've adapted and adjusted, to fit into my new "home" as much as I can... But, just as you can ask anyone who's had to pack their lives into a couple bags, travel across the globe and start to call a foreign country "home" - you end up losing tiny pieces of yourself and your culture along the way.

I've been longing to find a way back to myself again - to start my journey into healing - and my sourdough journey has done exactly that. My sourdough journey has given me the room to heal, to learn to be patient with myself again, all while doing something that I absolutely love. Creating.


our sourdough starter

FRIKKIE | fruh-key

A Sourdough Starter is a mixture of flour and water that ferments wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria (good bacteria). It's used in baking and provides unique flavor and texture. It's super versatile and can be used to make bread, pancakes, waffles, and so much more.

Our sourdough starter, "Frikkie", stems from a 30 year old starter, "Eden", who has a rich Alaskan lineage, originating from the late 80's.


Short Answer: Yes. 
The main difference between Sourdough bread and regular bread is that with regular bread packaged yeast is added to assist with the rise of dough. Sourdough on the other hand is made from a Sourdough Starter that consists of a mix of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria (good bacteria), rather than standard baker’s yeast.

Sourdough bread is richer in nutrients and less likely to spike blood sugar and contains lower amounts of gluten due to the bulk ferment that sourdough bread has to go through. This makes Sourdough bread easier to digest than regular bread that is baked using bakers yeast.

Sourdough is often referred to as Bacteria Bread because it is made using a natural fermentation process that uses wild yeast and bacteria cultures. 

Because sourdough relies on wild yeast & lactic acid bacteria to rise the dough, the fermentation process takes much longer than when using standard bakers yeast. Natural / wild yeast takes longer to raise a dough. Because of Sourdough’s longer fermentation process, the gluten present in the bread flour, gets broken down more, making it easier to digest than the gluten present in regular bread.

Sourdough starter or “Sourdough Plant” refers to the “live” fermented culture, leavening agent that consists of wild yeast and lactic bacteria. A sourdough starter is essentially made using fresh flour and water.

Essentially a Starter and Discard is one in the same thing, with the exception that discard was a previously active starter.

An Active sourdough starter is a sourdough starter that is actively fed flour and water inorder to maintain your sourdough leavening agent.

Discard is the part of your sourdough starter that has been removed / discarded from your active starter, before you add in fresh flour and water. 

Both, an Active starter as well as Discard, can be used in Sourdough recipes.

No! Sourdough is super versatile and allows you to bake almost anything! You can bake Bread, Cookies, Waffles, Pancakes, Crepes, Pie Crusts, Corndogs, and even pasta! The possibilities are endless!

Yes! I’d love to help you on your Sourdough Journey! If you want to buy a piece of Frikkie to help get starter, order my dehydrated starter kit here.